only 66 more shopping days!


I don’t do that.

No one should do that.

I hate when people do that.

I love Halloween (see all of my spooky ‘dead’ trees for proof).

And I love Thanksgiving!

I mean sweet potatoes, roast turkey, pies of all kinds,  and everything pumpkin flavored that you could ever imagine?! Yes please!

I do not believe in the glossing over of these holidays just so we can rush the arrival of the most expensive and hectic of them all. All family members, even those you can’t remember, as many meals in one day as possible, wrapping gifts and opening gifts and cleaning up the gift wrap, more eating, more family ahhhhhhhhhhh! Now, understand I do love me some Christmas time… really and truly I do. But let’s just wait for Christmas time to enjoy it, shall we?

With all of that said I have been accepted into my first holiday season craft show and I am pretty excited about it! It is the Hip Happening Holiday Bazaar… and they suggest you kick off your holiday shopping there… but I say lets just all come together to support local vendors, buy some lovely handmade goodness (maybe for others… maybe for yourself) and quite possible share a few pumpkin lattes 😉

Hope to see you there!


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