Happy New Year (and one week)


Happy New Year!

I am a little late with this… and by a little late I mean both a) new year’s was a week ago and b) I haven’t posted since October!

I am a terrible blogger. If I even count as one.

Anywho. It is the new year and a lot is changing for me. Personally, big things are coming together. And for KatMariee…. well, I need to get my behind in gear.

At one point last year I was super-duper excited to be able to claim that my jewelry was being sold in THREE shops around Portland. Sadly in early November, the lovely mini-shop in the Clinton/Division area decided to shut its doors with the hopes of finding a better and more independent location somewhere else in town. As soon as that happens I will let you know! (we miss you Tangible Gifts!)

Then this year right after Christmas I was hit with even sadder news. The very first shop to take me under its wing, the first shop to sell my art and jewelry, AND the first place to honor me with my own solo art show will also be closing its doors in just one week. Be*Mused was a fantastic gift shop on East Burnside, which featured over 50 local artists. The owner of the shop opened a huge door for me when she began me on my retail way. I will be forever grateful to her and wish her well on any and all things that lie in her future.

So here I am, in a brand new year, with a tiny fledgling business. On the up side, we are actually comfortably in the black and no longer owing my personal bank account anything! Yet at the same time, are down to just one last shop featuring my work.

SIDE NOTE PLUG** Elevation Trade at 1520 SE Bybee Blvd. in Sellwood, go see them. They feature local Portland makers and also have some lovely fair trade items from Nepal.

So new year, new start, new list of goals!

This years to do list:

  • Get list of retailers back up to three by October (at least one every three months).
  • Participate in at least three street fairs this summer. (Belmont without a doubt, love it there!)
  • Participate in SE Area Art Walk in early March (this is exciting, explore SE Portland on foot, by bike, or however you wanna get around to see/purchase artwork and other creations in the artists homes and studios where they create it!)
  • Blog at LEAST 2x’s a month.
  • Paint more. This past year the jewelry has kind of taken over, and while I love it, the goal of all of this was for me to paint more. So let’s paint more.
  • Approach a new coffee shop/restaurant for an art feature.
  • Participate in and help out graphically with the new PDXEtsy team show.

Yes, there is MUCH more that I would like to accomplish, but being aware of the other things coming for the rest of my time in my personal life and boring day job… I want to keep it simple and realistic.

So, happy New Year everyone, let’ get to work!


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