In high school I thought I would grow up to be an art teacher or a poet, ideally both.

In college, for a short while, I though I would be an artist. Then I went back to art teacher.

After college, with my Ohio teaching license in hand, I thought I would never be an art teacher….

Then I became an Oregonian. And I would settle for any kind on income what-so-ever.

Three years into a data entry job, I thought I would either loose my mind, or loose my sh*t. So instead I began painting, baking, jewelry making, street fair vending… and freelancing. I needed a creative outlet and an array of avenues lead me to design.

Today I am a Graphic Designer, with capital letters on my business card. I have found my place.

I am also a mother of two, still love to bake, occasionally find time to paint, make awesome family themed halloween costumes, and try as often as possible to explore what the world has to offer.

Maybe someday I will still become a poet.

Who knows what’s on the horizon.