I love to draw, to sculpt, to play with clay and plaster, to pretend I know a few things about printmaking, but most of all I love to paint. I paint for many reasons. It is my therapy. Its my go to when I am full of emotions and things that I can’t or shouldn’t say out lout. It makes me feel like I do still have a connection to that extremely creative artistic soul I once was back in college. It gives me something to do on all of the rainy pacific northwest days when I can’t be out enjoying it in person. Ultimately, it is my release.

Acrylic and I get along the best. I am too impatient for oils and I do not have the free-flowing approach for watercolor. For me it’s acrylic all the way. (oh, and I do not claim any sort of photography, please excuse the quality of the pictures to follow)

I sometimes do landscapes when I am feeling ambitious.


And abstracts when I just need to let it out.

My Terre

But lately I have been embracing the trees…

These trees are near and dear to me. They are from specific places, memories, childhood escapes. Sometimes you hear a song and it brings you back to a specific time, place and feeling all at once. That is what my trees do for me. They are my escapes back in time.

I love my trees. They all have special meaning to me, but I also love creating art that has special meaning for you. If you are committing to a painting, it is something that (ideally) you will be living with for years to come. I want it to be just as special for you as it is to me. If you are looking for a custom artwork, created just for you to love, please see my custom order page.

Or if you like my paintings but aren’t ready to invest in a work of art, how about something smaller and less expensive? I am making wearable art in the form of miniature prints of my original paintings on jewelry.

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