New Blog Beginning in May!… now!

Well…. not really. Its been here for a bit but I was using it just for the design side of things. I have decided that I want it to be all of KatMariee and not just one aspect. It’s time I put all of me into something rather than simply pieces and parts. So here we go. My blog.

The Graphic Design site is still here too, no worries there. Actually there may be another post on a new client here soon! Yay. Keep those referrals coming people, I love it!

But now you will also get some of my art and jewelry and random goings on and happenings around Portland and awesome places to shop and… well… whatever else I decide to share.

So stay tuned!


Currently working on….

The FitnessEmu website is soon to go live.  I recently finished up the last of his quick-link buttons and finalized all of the social media pieces.

Now we just get to wait for the official release so we can keep tabs on what the Emu is up to.

If you are into daily fitness, healthy eating, the active lifestyle or just need some good workout music suggestions, you should check it out. If you aren’t into any of the above you should at least check it out to see all the fantastic graphics…. 😉

A sad loss for us, but a wonderful addition to the world!

Sadly this season the Orenco Farmers Market will be missing their beloved crêpes. Ellen of Crêpes à la Carte is officially taking some time off. She had only been selling at the farmers market for two seasons but had gained a loyal following. Offering her amazingly chewy and tasty gluten-free crêpes may have had something to do with it. Not to mention  THE  lemon curd… my absolute favorite in the whole wide world… seriously, I could eat it with a spoon… but the crêpe delivery method was good too.

While we will all be sad without her and her lovely offerings, we have to also be beyond happy for her and her husbands impending addition to the family….

Congratulations! …and we hope to see you back at the markets soon!