only 66 more shopping days!


I don’t do that.

No one should do that.

I hate when people do that.

I love Halloween (see all of my spooky ‘dead’ trees for proof).

And I love Thanksgiving!

I mean sweet potatoes, roast turkey, pies of all kinds,  and everything pumpkin flavored that you could ever imagine?! Yes please!

I do not believe in the glossing over of these holidays just so we can rush the arrival of the most expensive and hectic of them all. All family members, even those you can’t remember, as many meals in one day as possible, wrapping gifts and opening gifts and cleaning up the gift wrap, more eating, more family ahhhhhhhhhhh! Now, understand I do love me some Christmas time… really and truly I do. But let’s just wait for Christmas time to enjoy it, shall we?

With all of that said I have been accepted into my first holiday season craft show and I am pretty excited about it! It is the Hip Happening Holiday Bazaar… and they suggest you kick off your holiday shopping there… but I say lets just all come together to support local vendors, buy some lovely handmade goodness (maybe for others… maybe for yourself) and quite possible share a few pumpkin lattes 😉

Hope to see you there!


i am a slacker

I promised that I would try to blog more regularly and then I go an entire month without a single word. I suck.

So, what has been going on the past few weeks?

Street fair season ended with a bang! I consider the Belmont Street fair to be my street fair home base, since it was the very first one I ever did! (way back in last summer) People seem to really dig the booth display, which is awesome to hear! I got a few customers asking how long I have been doing this and they all seemed shocked that I have only been at it for a little over a year. Either complimenting me on my booth and or the quality of my work. Yep, the warm fuzzies were flying all over the place that day. Not to mention the amazing amount of love shown in the form of sales. It truly was amazing. Thank you everyone!! Made me want a store all of my own that much more. So I could have somewhere I could arrange (and rearrange) displays all day long and also so that I could get to interact face to face with my customers every day… that is the dream. Someday.

Not to mention that I have wanted to do window displays ever since I was a little girl thanks to this fantabulous movie!

Mannequin, you know you love it.

Speaking of shops. Over the lapse Elevation Trade in Sellwood has joined the list of places carrying my jewelry!! They are still working on building out their brick and mortar shop, and hope to have a grand opening in early October. Until they do (and I will post photos and more info at that point) you can find them online at Elevation Trade.

Hmm what else? Oh, I applied to the Crafty Wonderland‘s Holiday sale! A two-day sale in early December that features mostly local artists, crafters, and jewelers. It is super steep competition and there are tons of seasoned jewelry artist who usually sell there, so we will see. Until they announce the chosen vendors everyone is to keep their fingers crossed!

I designed a few sock designs for the Sock It To Me locals design competition! Maybe just maybe (again very stiff competition) someday you will be able to wear some KatMariee designs on your feet! They will be posting the 30 finalist in their facebook page on Sept 28th and at that point it is up to you! Vote. Vote! Vote!!

Other than that I have simply been swamped trying to stock back up from the street fairs in time for the holiday wave, trying to soak in the last few days of summer, getting some yard work done before the rains return, and trying to take a few good deep breaths! (at places like Lardo! Have you been there yet? Go. Get the Pork Meatball Bahn Mi and fries. Thank me later.)

Lardo=meat heaven

This time I will not make any more promises of doing this more often, or that I will be back again regularly… just keep checking back… In the mean time, know that I appreciate you stopping by, even if it is more often that I do! Oh, and here’s this too, ’cause it has been playing in my head since I googled that pic…

Happy… Monday?!? (what?!)       We can build this dream together!!

portlanders love their bikes

This past weekend started off as a typical stay at home weekend for me and the hubs. My nieces came down to visit on Friday night, we played some corn hole and I baked for their late birthday.  (Recipes found on pinterest. I may go into further detail on here one of these days.)

love you girls!

Saturday we worked in the yard, pulled some of the endless weeds, I managed to get yet another surprise sunburn, he studied and I worked on more jewelry and some fun new items (again, more coming on them later). All in all it felt like we had a very productive Saturday so a nice datey night out was called for. We decided to walk over to the old ‘hood on SE Belmont; we stopped and visited the goats, we scouted out all the good yards looking for some plant inspiration for our yard, we had some super-fantastic Lebanese and then ended the night a $3 movie at the Avalon. A pretty fantastic evening.

As we were coming out of the theater to head home, wrapping up a very nice and very Portland-y feeling evening the city trumped me. “A little walk to dinner and a movie? Is that all? That’s not Portland!” said the city. “THIS is Portland!”

a wall of flesh on wheels

The month of June is Pedalpalooza here in Portland. A month-long celebration of all things biking. There is an organized ride for pretty much every group of people you can think of: Star Wars Junkies, Wine Enthusiasts, Super Hero Lovers, Families, Buddhists, Food Truck followers, even Gingers. The biggest ride of them all is by far the World Naked Bike Ride, which just happened to have been taking place Saturday night… right down Belmont… just as our movie was ending.

Not that I am bothered by this, I actually took part (well as close I think I may ever get to taking part) last year with a friend of mine (I wrote about it here). I was just caught off guard and then was trapped, unable to cross the street due to the sheer amount of bikes and bare flesh flying past me. It was pretty impressive, people’s inhibitions and also their ingenuity when it comes to costuming while still remaining naked. Impressive on all fronts.

Just another reason why I love Portland.

World Naked Bike Ride 2012 photos courtesy of

finding my breath

One of my 300+ photos from our 5 year anniversary vacation… I love the ocean. It calms me too. Someday I will do yoga on the beach and just melt into a puddle of happy goo.

The past few weeks I have had a ton going on. Jewelry making, street fair planning, new logo design project (still in progress will update on that soon), keeping the shop up to date, trying to blog more, attempting to tame the yard of our new house, endless new house projects, planning our 5 year anniversary trip, going on said trip, trying to jog more regularly with the hub., and a few other mentally taxing and time demanding personal projects, not to mention my full-time day job. In other words – too much.

My solution? Add something else to the list. Yeah, really.

Yoga. I have missed it. I used to practice semi regularly and it always gave me that rejuvenating moment of being 100% in the moment, in my body, with a quiet mind. It is really fantastic and with all of these to do lists running around in my head and on every surface around me all of the time, I have been craving a calm moment just for me. (Also wanting to get back on track of taking better care of my self physically. Two birds. But then that is going against what I am going for here… forget I said that at all.)

So two weeks ago I bought a groupon I couldn’t pass up. Now I have two months of yoga ahead of me.

As of tonight I am only 3 classes in, my arms feel like jello, my hips feel weirdly loose when I walk, it hurts to climb stairs and I am so happy to be finding my breath again.

Another thing I have missed that has returned with these classes is my yoga playlist.

Song of the day: This Year’s Love – David Grey

Pause. Breathe deep. Be happy where you are in the moment you are in.

…then go back to making lists.

PS- If you are in the Portland area and looking for a laid back pay as you go yoga studio I suggest Yoga on Yamhill