i am a slacker

I promised that I would try to blog more regularly and then I go an entire month without a single word. I suck.

So, what has been going on the past few weeks?

Street fair season ended with a bang! I consider the Belmont Street fair to be my street fair home base, since it was the very first one I ever did! (way back in last summer) People seem to really dig the booth display, which is awesome to hear! I got a few customers asking how long I have been doing this and they all seemed shocked that I have only been at it for a little over a year. Either complimenting me on my booth and or the quality of my work. Yep, the warm fuzzies were flying all over the place that day. Not to mention the amazing amount of love shown in the form of sales. It truly was amazing. Thank you everyone!! Made me want a store all of my own that much more. So I could have somewhere I could arrange (and rearrange) displays all day long and also so that I could get to interact face to face with my customers every day… that is the dream. Someday.

Not to mention that I have wanted to do window displays ever since I was a little girl thanks to this fantabulous movie!

Mannequin, you know you love it.

Speaking of shops. Over the lapse Elevation Trade in Sellwood has joined the list of places carrying my jewelry!! They are still working on building out their brick and mortar shop, and hope to have a grand opening in early October. Until they do (and I will post photos and more info at that point) you can find them online at Elevation Trade.

Hmm what else? Oh, I applied to the Crafty Wonderland‘s Holiday sale! A two-day sale in early December that features mostly local artists, crafters, and jewelers. It is super steep competition and there are tons of seasoned jewelry artist who usually sell there, so we will see. Until they announce the chosen vendors everyone is to keep their fingers crossed!

I designed a few sock designs for the Sock It To Me locals design competition! Maybe just maybe (again very stiff competition) someday you will be able to wear some KatMariee designs on your feet! They will be posting the 30 finalist in their facebook page on Sept 28th and at that point it is up to you! Vote. Vote! Vote!!

Other than that I have simply been swamped trying to stock back up from the street fairs in time for the holiday wave, trying to soak in the last few days of summer, getting some yard work done before the rains return, and trying to take a few good deep breaths! (at places like Lardo! Have you been there yet? Go. Get the Pork Meatball Bahn Mi and fries. Thank me later.)

Lardo=meat heaven

This time I will not make any more promises of doing this more often, or that I will be back again regularly… just keep checking back… In the mean time, know that I appreciate you stopping by, even if it is more often that I do! Oh, and here’s this too, ’cause it has been playing in my head since I googled that pic…

Happy… Monday?!? (what?!)       We can build this dream together!!


happy accidents

It has been a while since I have posted anything here. Honestly, since I have started this page nearly 95% of it was written while I was at my boring office job… it’s a little slow and mind numbing sometimes. I need a little distraction here and there. But about two weeks ago I got the super duper exciting news that I am being moved (part-time, but I’m not focusing on that) into the design department!!! (WOO HOO HAPPY DANCE) I am now working on logo development professionally! This is so exciting, it has me genuinely interested in what I am working on at work. It is a novel idea, and a completely new experience for me… and I am loving it.

However the blog is suffering.

So, here I am sitting at my laptop blogging… FROM HOME!? Crazy, I know. No wonder people do this in coffee shops… I am at home,  I feel like I am supposed to be doing something else right now: making jewelry, painting, laundry, pulling weeds, fixing the downstairs toilet,finishing season one of Downton Abbey, making dinner… the mental lists go on… yoga… to deal with the never-ending list…etc.

Since I am new to this blogging while I could be doing something else thing, this one will probably stay pretty short. I just wanna share how really happy and fun things can come from DamnIt! moments.

I was working on a few new pairs of wooden earrings the other night. All disks had already been coated, images placed, resin coated and cured for two days and ready to be drilled and finished! In other words, through the longest and most time-consuming parts of the process. There I was drilling away, thought I was getting into the zone, and all of a sudden my drill slipped. DAMNIT! I don’t have a picture of the carnage, but suffice it to say one earring was now without its mate. And I was mad at myself for working too quickly and not paying attention and all the normal mood swings that come with messing something up. And tossing a good hours work into the trash can… Then I decided. No. I still like the one that was left over. I set out to make this set of earrings, so I WILL make this set of earrings one way or another. It was time for a Tim Gun moment. I could make this work!

So I opened my case and started digging through my findings… looking to see what I had on hand that I didn’t already have plans for. And between all my forgotten gun metal headpins, my deep seeded love for all things 80’s, a single Tabor tree disk, and the love of asymmetrical earrings that my big sister instilled in me at a very young age: these babies were born.

they are truly truly truly outrageous

Frustrating accident = my new favorite earrings!

I may just have to make more of these just because.

Also, have you guys seen the accessory version of Project Runway? I could totally rock that.

Oh, and you know who else wore asymmetrical earrings? This lovely lady.  


I promise to do this more often… blog, I mean, not have happy accidents… but really those are good too… so maybe I mean both.