Okay I have been talking about them since Christmas but I have finally gotten enough sets completed and ready to sell that I can tell you all (all 3 of you) about it!

I am now making wine tags!.. wine charms?… glass markers?… what would you call them? Well whatever you would call them, I am making them!

Right now we have a few different sets. But there are more to come!

Sets of various trees. Sets of one tree done in different colors. Sets of words done in a ransom-note cut-out-letters style. Pre-packaged sets of 4 or 6 or pick and choose your own!

Pretty Pretty Wine Tags! (dirty dirty floor… please ignore)

When my friends and I get together with a few bottles of wine there are extra special nicknames and catch phrases that eventually come out. And actually this is how these little guys came about. Whenever there was glass confusion one of my friends used to try to identify her glass based on the chapstick lip marks left on the glass…. not really a reliable source. While I do not fear my friends have any major diseases or anything, my wine is MY WINE. So we needed a better method. We have so many fun drinking phrases it really lent itself well to this idea. And thus was born the very fist experimental set of wine tags. We have used them a few times and all went well. Also, drinking with a close group of friends results in A LOT of great new ideas (as well as a few equally fun but maybe not so marketable ideas). The words lead to more words, which lead to trying to include my paintings, and that lead to me playing with colors more on my painting prints, and that lead me here. With a whole bunch of these guys ready for your drinking enjoyment!

The next obvious step for the wine tags includes you, my lovely customers! I made the first set just for our circle of friends and most people outside of that group would have no clue why you would want your wine glass to say anything about birdshit, but we get it.

we also have a wine whore in our group… or two.

So what do you want your tags to say? Ware your inside jokes? What are your nicknames? Who do you typically drink with and want to keep from stealing your glass? Initials? Wedding party in need of some fun specialized favors? Got a favorite of my paintings you want in your favorite colors? What do YOU want on your set? I can make it happen! Just contact me and we can work out the details. If you aren’t looking for your own set, but have some ideas for me anyways, fire away! New ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

The true unveiling of these little guys will be this weekend at the Mississippi Street Fair! I am super excited about it! It will be my first street fair this summer, and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate nicely! I have been stocking up for the last few weeks. I will have my 4×4 paintings there as well as a few of my bigger ones, tons of jewelry and these new wine tags! Hope to see you all there! It is this Saturday, July 14th from 10am-9pm! I will be between Beech and Failing, drop by, say hi, mention the blog and I just may give you a discount 😉




Wine charms have hit the shop! Check em out here! 


portlanders love their bikes

This past weekend started off as a typical stay at home weekend for me and the hubs. My nieces came down to visit on Friday night, we played some corn hole and I baked for their late birthday.  (Recipes found on pinterest. I may go into further detail on here one of these days.)

love you girls!

Saturday we worked in the yard, pulled some of the endless weeds, I managed to get yet another surprise sunburn, he studied and I worked on more jewelry and some fun new items (again, more coming on them later). All in all it felt like we had a very productive Saturday so a nice datey night out was called for. We decided to walk over to the old ‘hood on SE Belmont; we stopped and visited the goats, we scouted out all the good yards looking for some plant inspiration for our yard, we had some super-fantastic Lebanese and then ended the night a $3 movie at the Avalon. A pretty fantastic evening.

As we were coming out of the theater to head home, wrapping up a very nice and very Portland-y feeling evening the city trumped me. “A little walk to dinner and a movie? Is that all? That’s not Portland!” said the city. “THIS is Portland!”

a wall of flesh on wheels

The month of June is Pedalpalooza here in Portland. A month-long celebration of all things biking. There is an organized ride for pretty much every group of people you can think of: Star Wars Junkies, Wine Enthusiasts, Super Hero Lovers, Families, Buddhists, Food Truck followers, even Gingers. The biggest ride of them all is by far the World Naked Bike Ride, which just happened to have been taking place Saturday night… right down Belmont… just as our movie was ending.

Not that I am bothered by this, I actually took part (well as close I think I may ever get to taking part) last year with a friend of mine (I wrote about it here). I was just caught off guard and then was trapped, unable to cross the street due to the sheer amount of bikes and bare flesh flying past me. It was pretty impressive, people’s inhibitions and also their ingenuity when it comes to costuming while still remaining naked. Impressive on all fronts.

Just another reason why I love Portland.

World Naked Bike Ride 2012 photos courtesy of

finding my breath

One of my 300+ photos from our 5 year anniversary vacation… I love the ocean. It calms me too. Someday I will do yoga on the beach and just melt into a puddle of happy goo.

The past few weeks I have had a ton going on. Jewelry making, street fair planning, new logo design project (still in progress will update on that soon), keeping the shop up to date, trying to blog more, attempting to tame the yard of our new house, endless new house projects, planning our 5 year anniversary trip, going on said trip, trying to jog more regularly with the hub., and a few other mentally taxing and time demanding personal projects, not to mention my full-time day job. In other words – too much.

My solution? Add something else to the list. Yeah, really.

Yoga. I have missed it. I used to practice semi regularly and it always gave me that rejuvenating moment of being 100% in the moment, in my body, with a quiet mind. It is really fantastic and with all of these to do lists running around in my head and on every surface around me all of the time, I have been craving a calm moment just for me. (Also wanting to get back on track of taking better care of my self physically. Two birds. But then that is going against what I am going for here… forget I said that at all.)

So two weeks ago I bought a groupon I couldn’t pass up. Now I have two months of yoga ahead of me.

As of tonight I am only 3 classes in, my arms feel like jello, my hips feel weirdly loose when I walk, it hurts to climb stairs and I am so happy to be finding my breath again.

Another thing I have missed that has returned with these classes is my yoga playlist.

Song of the day: This Year’s Love – David Grey

Pause. Breathe deep. Be happy where you are in the moment you are in.

…then go back to making lists.

PS- If you are in the Portland area and looking for a laid back pay as you go yoga studio I suggest Yoga on Yamhill