The Future Is Bright

Annual Auction for Abernethy Elementary School, a Portland Public elementary school in inner South East Portland, OR. The single largest annual fundraising event for the school. The 2018 theme was a play on the Price in Right. Provided design assistance ranging from main logo design & digital asset development to day of print pieces including … Continue reading The Future Is Bright


three part necklace featuring Reach wooden earring made from re-purposed canvas pegs featuring Rorschach custom order set featuring a colorized print of Push asymmetrical earring set featuring Top O The Tabor To Ya (they are truly truly truly outrageous) earrings featuring Walk With Me

private school logo design

New Logo design for Private School in Oklahoma City, 2018 Horizontal iteration for website header. Final embroidery on garment. Initial designs: primarily intended for embroidery on garments Initial resources: previous logo, inlaid granite in school hallway and chapel foyer. New Logo design for Private School in Clarksville, TN, 2019 Stacked iteration for garment application. Design … Continue reading private school logo design


Mid-Life Summit, 2014 acrylic Push, 2012, acrylic Pull, 2012, acrylic Reach, 2012, acrylic with custom made frame SR49, 2010, acrylic My Tear, 2011, acrylic and mixed media