design services

What I can offer to you:

An artistic voice for your maybe not so visual ideas. A resource for unique branding ideas.  A collaborator willing to work with you, sharing ideas and tweaks back and forth until we reach exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Specifically I can provide you with:

    • quality, high-resolution images in any format (Ex: jpeg, pdf, photoshop, illustrator, etc.) in any specific size that you need
    • logo and/or branding design or redesign if you are just in need of a face-lift
    • additional images to round out your online presence for example: twitter background image, website header, etsy banner, avatar images, facebook fan page images, or anything else you may be in need of
    • product labeling and packaging design*
    • media layout/design ready for print. Ex: business cards, stationary, concert posters, event brochures, menus, mass mailings, etc*
    • blog design, planning and possibly writing contributions
*Please note, that while I design these materials for you and provide the high quality PDF ready to print, I am not a printing resource. However, I would be happy to help you locate and decide on a printer that would best fit your needs and budget.


First things first, we need to talk. I need to know about you and your business and we both need to be sure we are a good fit for one another. Once we get that taken care of  I need to know what you are looking for from me, what specific pieces you need designed, what you are looking for visually, the overall feel you want your graphics to portray, your time frame, and your budget.

Once we have agreed on a package that is right for you and I have gathered enough information and inspiration from you, I need some creation time. Depending on your time requirements I will take a few days to think, sketch, doodle, and create a few mock-ups for your review. I am after all creating for YOUR business. I want the end product to be what you are looking for. Together we will discuss the mock-ups, figure out what it is that you like or don’t like within my preliminary designs, and decide upon the direction you would like to go.

Now, I work to get you exactly what you want. You will receive proofs along the way, giving you the opportunity to okay, veto or make slight alterations to until we reach the final product.

Once you receive the final product, it is all yours to do with whatever you want. I will add the completed work to my portfolio, but will not use it for anything beyond that without contacting you directly for permissions. Design credit (and linking) is much appreciated!


We live in “a material world, and I am a material girl.. or boy…” or girl as the case may be.(not really, but I love that movie) 

Having been in the position of facing all of the details and expenses involved in starting a new business from the ground up I know that it can be a lot to tackle and to afford. My goal is simply to do what I am passionate about while helping others do what it is that they are passionate about. I want to offer you what you are looking for, at a reasonable cost.

Because I am also a new business still attempting to gain my own footing, my prices are extremely affordable as well as flexible depending on the complexity and extent of your needs. Also, keep in mind that once I have designed one aspect for you it makes additional items easier and less time-consuming to create so discounts on bundled items are available.

If you are interested in having KatMariee do custom designs for your business or event, and would like to get more information about our pricing, payment, and package options, please email me at I’d love to hear from you.

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