El Paso

This one was a collaboration piece. A family of four had recently relocated out-of-state due to work and was dealing with some heavy homesickness. I was contacted by Tara, who was seeking a birthday gift for her husband that was also a way to bring a bit of familiarity into their new house as a way of making it home. I was given an image of the old maple tree that was once in the backyard of the house he grew up in that had since been cut down. She also gave me a couple of images of their current decor and where they wanted the piece to hang so that it would bring everything together.  From there I was left to my own devices to create something one of a kind, just for them.

El Paso

Here we have ElPaso. The childhood tree which now only exists in fond memories and now their living room. Happy Birthday Jeremy.

(please excuse the terrible photo, I am a painter not a photographer and I was too excited to ship this out to worry about getting the pic just right)

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